About Colorado Mountain Doulas


You’re about to head into the next big adventure of your life – welcoming a new little one!

You’ve made all of the big decisions but now you’re looking for someone to guide you through this new journey and be there for support if things get a little bumpy.

At Colorado Mountain Doulas, we are experts in doing just that.

We aspire to provide professional and personalized care during the next big adventure in your life. Our respected doulas work to ensure you have the best possible experience.

Jenn Leonard Owner Colorado Mountain Doulas AgencyColorado Mountain Doulas LLC, Colorado’s premier professional doula agency, is owned and operated by Jenn Leonard.  Our agency has over 5 years combined experience in labor and postpartum doula care and have a passion for assisting families in such an extraordinary time in their lives.

The doulas we choose to represent Colorado Mountain Doulas are ambitious in their careers and committed to providing an elite service to you. When you hire us, you receive full access to a team of two doulas, making sure you’ll be provided continuous and professional care.

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 More About Jenn


Jenn moved to Colorado as a teen where she met her best friend and future husband in middle school. They lived in the Pacific Northwest for fifteen years, but always considered Colorado home; returning often for vacations, and to get married in the shadow of Pikes Peak. In 2011, they returned to Colorado for good with their three sons.

Jenn, known as the Boho Doula, enjoys homesteading, developing recipes and networking with other entrepreneurs. She is a wanna-be foodie and coffee enthusiast who spends most weekends hiking and camping with her family and two English Mastiffs.  

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Experts in professional and personalized doula care.