Colorado Birth Experience

Colorado Birth Experience




The Colorado Birth Experience is a judgment free, unbiased exploration of each family’s hopes, wishes and plans for their best birth experience. This unique, private childbirth education class, is customized to each individual family unit. 

Private CBE is held in your home. During this 6 hour course, in the comfort of your own home, we will explore:



Partner Communication

How do you feel about becoming parents? When will communication be most important? Why are you choosing these specific birth options?

The Birth Bag

Mental, emotional and physical tools you don’t want to forget to pack.


Let’s talk about nutrition, weight gain, heartburn; anything you want to know about.


What do YOU want to know? Private classes allow us to spend as much or as little time on any subject you choose. We’ll discuss baby’s position, how it relates to the labor process at each stage, and what to expect.

Relief and Comfort Measures

How would you like to birth? When will you know what comfort measures to use? Why do some things work for you and why others don’t? What do you need to bring with you to have your best birth experience?


Which interventions are right or wrong for you?

The Welcoming Hour

What should you expect in the first hour after birth? Newborn procedures, newborn feeding, and basic newborn care.


 4th Trimester 411

Posptartum Preparation

4th Trimester 411


Much is made of pregnancy and childbirth education, but the postpartum period is not always as talked about. Come to this two-hour class and learn what to expect after the birth in the hospital, and at home, from your body and from your baby. Learn basic newborn care and how to make the most of your recovery period. Don't miss out on this chance to get all your questions answered by a knowledgeable postpartum doula--and enter your "fourth trimester" feeling educated and empowered. Private, in home includes:

-Self Care 
-Newborn basics 
-Infant Feeding 
-Sex After Baby, and so much more

Fees for Classes range from $30-$400. Complete the form below to receive our electronic welcome packet with full pricing and packages.

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