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Birth – Processing Your Experience

Your baby has been born, and you’re settling in at home – but is the experience really “over” unless you’ve been able to process what just happened? Whether your birth was smooth or complicated, long or short, scary or satisfying, it is vital to spend some time in reflection after one of the most high-impact
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overload during birth and postpartum

Overload During Pregnancy

Some of us like to fly by the seat of our pants. Some of us like to research and plan out every detail of our lives. Whichever category you fall into, there’s one thing we can all agree on: the struggle is real when it comes to pregnancy information overload! You can’t eat this, you
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4th Trimester - Colorado Mountain Doulas

The 4th Trimester 411

4th Trimester Information In our society, we make a big fuss over pregnancy. We do lots of research, ask our doctors before even thinking of trying a new food or activity, and write detailed birth plans for our special day. But strangely enough, few of us ever take the time to study and prepare for
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postpartum sex - Colorado Mountain Doulas

Getting Your Groove Thing Back after Baby

You’ve delivered your baby, figured out the whole feeding and burping thing, and settled into something vaguely resembling a routine. You’re healed up and doing human activities again. Well, most of them. The six-week mark on the calendar is looming and you’re not quite sure how to feel… That’s right, we’re talking about the first
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Flying with a baby - Colorado Mountain Doulas

5 Tips for Flying with a Baby in CO

Whether your baby is a few weeks old or several months old, when you realize that you’re about to go on Baby’s First Plane Trip you might get a little nervous. What if the baby gets hungry? What if she cries and the other passengers are rude about it? Am I supposed to take the
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Mastitis - Colorado Mountain Doulas

I Might Have Mastitis: What Should I Do?

Mastitis: a funny-sounding word for a not-so-funny condition. All too many nursing mothers have experienced rapid-onset breast pain, fever, and chills that mark a breast infection. Let’s learn a little more about this common mother’s problem – what it is, and what you should do if you have mastitis. What is Mastitis? Simply put, mastitis
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family visiting baby - Colorado Mountain Doulas

Handling Family and Visitors Your First Two Weeks Home

The first two weeks after bringing home baby are sweet and special, but they can also be a little nerve-racking. Are they eating enough? Pooping enough? Is this stream of visitors bringing in cold and flu germs? As a parent, you have the right and prerogative to determine who will visit during this time, and
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5 Ways to Get a Breech Baby to Turn

If your baby is like most babies, by the time you’re in your third trimester they have probably flipped over into a vertex, or head-down position, locked and loaded for birth. Gravity and the growing weight of the baby’s head combine to help them drift down into the optimal position for delivery: head-first. However, did
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