June 5, 2015

Placenta FAQ

Answers to our most common placenta questions

1. Which process(es) of placenta encapsulation do you offer?

Our agency uses the traditional, steamed process, which is based off of the traditional Chinese method of encapsulation. This process ensures that your placenta is processed in the safest manner by first steaming and then dehydrating to kill all germs and bacteria. The method also helps to balance the placenta after birth.   

2. Why do you do the process in my home?

As ProDoula Postpartum Placenta Specialist, safety and peace of mind for our clients are of the utmost importance. We are held to the highest safety standards in the industry, which you can personally oversee in the privacy of your own home. Additionally, you will be 100% sure that it is in fact your placenta that has been processed because it never leaves your control. You will know that it has not been any other placentas and has been kept and transported according to WHO guidelines. By encapsulating your placenta in your home, you can be sure that your microbiome has been preserved. The placenta will not have been exposed to any unfamiliar germs or bacteria from someone else’s home or family. This ensures that nothing will be introduced into your home that could interfere with your recovery from birth. 

3. What do you need from me for encapsulation?

Just your placenta, the free gift we gave you, and your kitchen with access to a stove, sink, and outlet to plug in the dehydrator. We take full responsibility for the sanitation of our equipment and use many disposable items and an intensive process for packaging all supplies. We bring everything we need with us and take everything with us when we leave. 

4. What if my friends/family are unsupportive?

As with every decision you have made up to this point in your pregnancy and birth, encapsulation is a private and personal decision. Sharing those decisions is also a personal choice, and it is up to you to make the decision to share your intentions with friends and family. We can work with you to arrange a time that works for you to process your placenta at a time that is convenient for you. The finished product will look like any other vitamin or supplement and will not cause additional questions to be asked.

5. Do I need to be home during the process?

This is also your choice. Depending on your comfort level, you can choose to watch and ask questions, or choose not to be home during the process, or anything in between. As your professional postpartum placenta specialist, it is our job to work with you on your individual desires and needs. We will make the process as smooth and as comfortable for you as possible.