July 31, 2014

Special Circumstances

Special Circumstances

However much we know about birth in general, we know nothing about a particular birth.
We must let it unfold with its own uniqueness.”
-Elizabeth Noble.

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Colorado Mountain Doulas is a doula for everyone. No matter what your personal circumstance is, we are here to help. The process of birth is a fairly straightforward process, but sometimes things happen that we have no control over. Sometimes life events cause changes we didn’t plan for, and sometimes our individual lifestyles are perceived as “outside the box” by others. 

Whatever YOUR circumstance is, we can guide you through the birth process. We have experience in several “out of the box” areas with birthing families and welcome those experiences without judgment. 

  • Adoption- Both biological and adoptive parents can benefit from doula services 
  • Cesarean– Planned or unplanned, we can walk you through the process, help you research your options and make sure you have the birth YOU envision. 
  • LGBTQUAI* friendly- We can offer private childbirth education classes to address your specific needs 
  • Medical- Circumstances that require specific planning/options 
  • PTSD/Trauma- We can work together to find the perfect plan for you
  • Bereavement/Loss- Please contact our office at 719-581-9041. 

Anything else you need or have questions about, please contact us. We’d love to chat with you.

Can having a doula really make a difference?

Colorado Mountain Doulas LLC and all contractors value inclusiveness, social justice, and equality. We serve all clients regardless of race, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex & gender identification, abilities, and political identity. With these pillars in mind, Colorado Mountain Doulas LLC does not tolerate racist remarks, homophobic behavior, slurs sexist/misogynistic remarks, active violence, rhetoric, or anything that perpetuates discrimination and is considered a detriment to the doulas other persons, or the community as a whole.