November 12, 2017

Sleep Shaping

Sleep Shaping or Sleep Training

Which is Right for Your Family?

Swaddled baby

Sleep is an absolutely attainable goal for new families. Not only is it an attainable goal, but it is also mandatory for maximum health.

You can sleep well with a newborn, with a little help. With personalized, in-home overnight care, we will walk with you, supporting your goals as a family and helping you to get the most sleep you can.

Our postpartum doulas and infant care specialists are trained to help maximize your sleep with a newborn from day one, but if your little one is already past their 4 month mark, we can help you find a sleep trainer who can help you get started  right away. 

Newborn Sleep Shaping

Visit our blog for more information about newborn sleep or click the button below to find support now. Newborn sleep shaping is included complimentary with all of our Postpartum Agency Support.

Newborn Sleep Shaping in Colorado

4 Months and Up

If your baby is 4-6 months or older, a sleep trainer may be the right fit for your family. Sleep trainers specialize in getting little ones set up with a great routine, initiating sleep hygiene, daytime routines and more! Tell us your budget and we’ll help you find your perfect sleep trainer.

Sleep Training in Colorado