June 6, 2013

Labor Doulas

Labor Doulas in Colorado

When you choose to hire Colorado mountain doulas for labor support, our respected doulas work closely with you and your birth team to make sure you have the best possible experience.

Throughout your experience with CMD, you can expect a discreet, luxurious and personalized experience – the Colorado Mountain Doula Standard.

Birth Doula Colorado Springs

Colorado Mountain Doulas always work in teams of two. Both doulas will be at your initial prenatal visit so you have a chance to get to know them and they know your family and expectations.

Our labor doula services and include 1 prenatal visit, 24/7 on-call support and 1 postpartum visit.

When you hire Colorado Mountain Doulas for labor support, in your third trimester, your doula team comes to your home for your prenatal visit. Together with your doulas, your birth blueprint will be built, based on your expectations.

When your baby’s birthday arrives, know that one of your doulas will be there to talk to you through the process, give ideas and encouragement along the way, and be there when you call. You know your doula team well, and they know you.
When the time comes for you to give birth, your CMD doula will provide you with the utmost care.

Colorado Mountain Doulas birth doula services include:

  • On-call, continuous care during labor and birth with one doula
  • Up to 2 hours Immediate Postpartum Care
  • Mental, emotional and physical support through encouragement, visualization, massage and other comfort measures
  • Facilitating open communication with your birth team including your provider
  • *24/7 phone, email, and text support during pregnancy

Within the first week of your child’s birth, your doulas will return to your home for a postpartum visit. This visit will include and is not limited to:

  • Continued help with infant feeding
  • In-person expert newborn care instruction
  • Discussion of your labor and birth, if so needed
  • Answering any concerns or questions

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