July 2, 2016

Castle Rock Doulas

Castle Rock Doulas

Congratulations on the next big adventure of your life – becoming a parent!

Finding a doula in Castle Rock who understands your way of life and supports the choices you make can be a daunting task, but we are here to connect you with professional doulas to guide you on your journey. 

At Colorado Mountain Doulas, you will be matched with an expert birth or postpartum doula who fits perfectly with your family.

Custom Support for Your Unique Needs.

The doulas on our roster provide only the most professional and personalized care to suit your family’s lifestyle. Our respected doulas work to ensure you have the best possible experience during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period.

The doulas we choose to represent Colorado Mountain Doulas are ambitious in their careers and committed to providing an elite service to you. When you hire us, for birth, you receive full access to a team of two doulas, who are on call immediately, making sure you’ll be provided continuous and professional care.

We’ve done the Background Work for You

Colorado Mountain Doulas provides the most personalized, individual care for families in today’s busy world. Every doula at CMD is hand-selected from a group of specially trained. They are all background-checked and have exemplary client feedback. All of our doulas are professional, career doulas, aspiring to be the best doula for every client.

Castle Rock Doula Agency

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Castle Rock Birth Doulas

Birth Doulas 

Our doulas always work in teams of two, providing you with unmatched availability and individualized care, 24/7, from the paid retainer.

  • No waiting until 36 weeks or later to start their on-call availability.
  • Both doulas attend your in-home prenatal and postpartum visits.
  • One phone number to call or text your team 24/7
  • Shared call ensures backup in case of emergencies or illness.

Postpartum Doulas 

We work to connect you with doulas across the state and the country to provide the highest quality postpartum support available. Whether you need daytime support to help with the day-to-day rush, overnight support to get more sleep, 24/7, or travel support, we’ve got you covered with professional postpartum doulas ready to provide individual care or work together as a team.