November 23, 2019


Childbirth ClassesColorado Birth Experience

You’ve got a lot going on, and fitting in extra classes that last for weeks at a time may not be on your list. I get it, and that’s why we offer TWO choices in childbirth education.

If you are looking for private, virtual childbirth education in the privacy of your own home, the Colorado Birth Experience is for you!

Looking for in-person group classes? Bump to Baby offers exactly what you are looking for, with a more traditional comprehensive, community-based class.


Colorado Birth Experience

This unique, private childbirth education class, is customized to each individual family unit. You’ll still get all the same great handouts, and one on one question and answer time but at a safe distance! Private classes can be scheduled based on availability, with options 5 days per week!

The Colorado Birth Experience is a judgment-free, unbiased exploration of each family’s hopes, wishes, and plans for their best birth experience. During this 6 hour course, in the comfort of your own home, we will explore:

  • Partner Communication
    • How do you feel about becoming parents? When will communication be most important? Why are you choosing these specific birth options?
  • The Birth Bag
    • Mental, emotional, and physical tools you don’t want to forget to pack.
  • Pregnancy
    • Let’s talk about nutrition, weight gain, heartburn; anything you want to know about.
  • Labor
    • We’ll discuss the baby’s position, how it relates to the labor process at each stage, and what to expect.
  • Relief and Comfort Measures
    • How would you like to birth? When will you know what comfort measures to use? Why do some things work for you and why others don’t? What do you need to bring with you to have your best birth experience?
  • Interventions
    • Which interventions are right or wrong for you?
  • The Welcoming Hour
    • What should you expect in the first hour after birth? Newborn procedures, newborn feeding, and basic newborn care.

Comfort Measures

Come and learn techniques for comfort during labor! Relaxation and breathing techniques, labor positions, visualization and tips for moving along a stalled labor will all be covered in this 2 hour class. This is perfect for both first-time and seasoned parents preparing for coping well with labor. 

 From Bump to Baby

Forget the boring hospital class, this is lively and informative Childbirth Education! No matter what your chosen birth philosophy, location, or preferences are, you will feel prepared and confident! This class is 4 weeks long, 2 hours per class. We will discuss:

  • Fear
  • Confidence
  • What to expect in labor
  • Comfort and breathing techniques
  • Informed Consent
  • Postpartum
  • Breastfeeding
  • Newborn care


4th Trimester 411Postpartum Classes

Much is made of pregnancy and childbirth education, but the postpartum period is not always as talked about. Planning for your postpartum experience is just as important, if not more important than the plans you make for birth. 

Understanding your own recovery, how to give yourself the best chance at optimal mental health, and just what exactly is going on with your tiny new family member can set you up for success now, and well into the future.



4th Trimester 411

Come to this two-hour class and learn what to expect after birth in the hospital, and at home, from your body, and from your baby. Learn basic newborn care and how to make the most of your recovery period. Don’t miss out on this chance to get all your questions answered by a knowledgeable postpartum doula–and enter your “fourth trimester” feeling educated and empowered. Private, in-home includes:

  • Self Care 
  • Recovery 
  • Newborn basics 
  • Infant Feeding 
  • Sleep 
  • Sex After Baby, and so much more.

Baby Basics

This class is a stand-alone newborn care class that goes into more detail about what to expect from birth through the first 3 months including:

  • Swaddling, yes all babies need it, but why is it like rocket science?
  • Diapering options, cloth or disposable, let’s not make a mess of it.
  • Feeding options, babies should definitely be fed, let us count the ways.
  • Comfort Measures, all the comfort, all the time, and some for you too.
  • Skin Care, baby skin is WEIRD, but knowing why is half the battle.
  • Sleep, babies need it, parents want it, how to get as much as possible.
  • Gadgets, what you need, and what you can leave.

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