Colorado Mountain Doulas’s Baby Shower Planning Tips

Excitement is in the air! Baby is coming soon and it’s time to start thinking about your baby shower!

Planning a baby shower  can be a lot of fun if you take it in small pieces and plan ahead a little. There are lots of things to think about when it comes to baby shower etiquette

Will you have a baby shower or a baby sprinkle? Often, parents who have older children will just have a “sprinkle” to help stock up on the things they need that they don’t still have from previous babies, or they’ll do a gender reveal party first so they can be more specific about what they need, this time around. We’ve seen some truly amazing gender reveal ideas on the internet. So much fun!

Will you have two showers? Often, clients will ask, “Can I have two showers?” Living in a military town, many families opt to do a family baby shower in their home town and a friend/co-worker shower here in the Springs. Choose what works best for your situation.

Will you have a co-ed  baby shower? These are becoming more and more popular and have opened the door for new and exciting baby shower games that can involve both parents. Or, maybe, you prefer the traditional route.

In that case, how will you do your baby shower invitations? Will you make a Facebook event? Will you use another event site like evite or will you get your pregnancy announcement and shower invitations commissioned directly from a local printer, like our friends at Lady Fingers Letterpress?

Maybe you don’t want a co-ed party, but you’re also not the traditional type. How about a diaper party?

What will your baby shower theme be? Will you even have a theme?

There are so many things to do before baby comes, and sometimes having two baby showers isn’t an option because of various commitments. A new trend for those with family and friends spread across the country is to have an online baby shower. This can be done through live video stream on FacebookGoogle MeetsSkype, or your favorite video chatting app. Most businesses have a way to access your baby shower registry list online, and friends and family can access it and mail gifts to you to be opened the day of the event, live, for them to watch and interact. One such app, that we love to use, year round, is Giftster. Just add specific items you’re looking for from all over the web, share with people you love, and watch the gifts roll in.

There are many online resources available for anything you’re looking for:

New Baby Must Haves

Baby registry must haves

How to register for baby shower presents

How many outfits does my baby need?

If you’re looking for a little guidance on where to start, where to find a good baby shower venue in Colorado, or even need some help with baby shower planning, give us a call. We’d be happy to assist.

Don’t forget to put the best “Doula” in Colorado on your list!

For more ideas for baby showers, check out our Rockin’ Baby Showers Pinterest board below.

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