Cesarean Birth: How a Doula Can Help

A lot of times we hear about people saying they don’t need a doula  because they will be having a scheduled cesarean birth for one reason or another.

The impression is that doulas only helps people who are having or wanting a completely natural birth. Ironically, in some natural birth or home birth circles the opposite is said. The truth is that doulas can help in all birth scenarios but since next month is Cesarean Awareness Month we’re going to concentrate just on that particular type of birth. Can having a doula actually make a difference?

Unscheduled Cesarean Birth:
Not all cesareans are scheduled ahead of time, but sometimes, in the process of birth, they become necessary. For a family expecting a vaginal birth, the transition to needing an unplanned surgery can be very emotional. Because in many cases plans were not made ahead of time, a family may need extra support in the hospital and immediately after birth to process the events.

Scheduled Cesarean Birth:

Knowing that a cesarean section is coming in the future can have its own set of emotional issues, but being able to plan ahead for all scenarios can also be an advantage. There are many options for cesarean birth, just as there are with vaginal birth. A doula can help you plan for a gentle cesarean if you choose. A cesarean Birth Blueprint can help to put your mind at ease and walk you through all the options from who will be in the room with you, to how your baby is introduced to you and how much involvement you choose to have with the cesarean itself. 

Emergency Cesarean Birth:

In a truly emergent situation there may not be much time for processing ahead of time. Friends and family members who have been at the hospital waiting for you to have your baby may benefit by having your doula available to them to explain what is happening and talk them through the process. If you need general anesthesia your doula can help keep you comfortable while recovering from that as well.

In all of these scenarios a Birth Doula will be by your side every step of the way helping you with research and comfort measures, just like any other birth. Your doula will be there to help you plan, be there for you 24/7 to ease your fears and talk you through the process. 

We will stay by your side, and in the operating room we can be there for you the entire time, continuing to stay with you during repair when you partner may need to go with the baby for any possible procedures. By having a doula with you, you will never be left alone. We will be there to answer questions and ease your fears until you are reunited with your little one.

In recovery your doula will be there just as after any birth, helping with breastfeeding, facilitating skin to skin and making sure the entire family is comfortable.

Once you are home with your little one your Postpartum Doula can be there for you, in your home to provide customized, hands on care. Postpartum Doulas specialize in promoting family bonding, newborn care, breastfeeding help and emotional support. We can also help you with all of the practical side of caring for yourself and your home while you recover. No need to worry that you won’t be able to rest properly because of other children or visitors. Your Postpartum Doula can be there for you every step of the way ensuring that your recovery is the best is can possibly be. 

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