Are You Asking Your Doulas the Right Questions?

The act of “doulaing” a birthing person has been around since babies have been being born. Back in the day they weren’t called doulas. They were just your mom, sister, aunt, and grandma. They were your village of people who’d come before, who knew what was normal and knew how babies are born and how to take care of them. They’d be there during labor, and they’d stay after, taking care of the family while they recover and teaching the new parents the wisdom that had been passed down through the ages.

Slowly, as families spread farther apart, birth moved into the hospitals, and restrictions were placed on who could attend, this sense of village was almost lost.

In the 80s some studies were done that showed having that support helped people have better birth experiences. You can read more here. In the early 90s, certifying doulas to fill the societal gap in support for birthing parents began.

In the overall scheme of things, doula, as a thing that you get training and certifications for, is a fairly new concept; less than 25 years, in fact.

25 years doesn’t sound like a long time, but when you consider that in 1992, these didn’t even exist yet, you have to figure that some things have probably also changed when it comes to doulas as well.discs-1344774_1920

Now, it’s 2016. Today’s expectant families have the internet. They’re tech savvy, they know what they want and they expect the best. Hiring a doula isn’t all about natural birth and essential oils.

Though you should certainly feel like your doula is who you want to be around during such an important time. Today having a doula is about hiring a professional to guide you. So much has changed, and is constantly changing in medicine today. There are more options than ever and more countless studies saying that one way or the other is best.

Today it’s important, not only to find someone who can hold your hand and wipe your brow, but also someone who works well with your chosen provider, stays up to date on the latest information and knows exactly how to support your family through the entire process.

So why are you still using the same, old,  “Questions to ask your doula“?

Many of the questions on those lists have become irrelevant, or, at a minimum don’t really explain WHY you should ask, or what the answers should be, so we’ve come up with some things you might actually want to look into when hiring a doula in 2016 and beyond.

Some are things you ask the doula in person, but most are about how you even find a person to invite into your home in the first place. Here is your free printable guide: Questions-to-ask-your-doula-in-2017

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