What It’s Like To Have A Colorado Mountain Doula Labor Doula At Your Birth

What Does it Look Like to Have a Colorado Mountain  Doula at Your Birth?

You’ve probably at least heard of a doula before. You know that they are hired support persons for labor and delivery and that they’ll probably rub your back and help you breathe through the contractions. But what could having one really bring to your birth experience? These are some things that parents who have used a doula had to say…

My Doula Helped Me Feel at Peace About Tough Decisions

“During my birth, nothing went as planned. My baby girl’s heart rate kept dropping, and my doctor and nurses kept introducing more and more interventions into my labor. She made sure I knew what each intervention entailed so that I felt empowered as I chose to use them, rather than scared and frustrated. My doula reminded me the whole time that my birth was still amazing, and that I was a great mom for making such good decisions to bring my baby safely earthside.”

She Supported My Husband

“I felt like I was pretty prepared for birth, but my husband was anxious about the whole process. It was tough for him to sit through classes and read birth books, so I just wanted someone who could support him through the labor process too. Our doula showed him exactly the right place to provide counter-pressure for my back pain, made sure he never felt in the dark as to what was going on or what the doctors were talking about and reassured him that all those sounds I was making were totally normal and good. He was able to grab a bite to eat, use the restroom, and even take a quick nap during my 24-hour labor without feeling any guilt or leaving me unsupported.”

She Was Worth the Investment

“At first, my partner and I were unsure if the cost of a doula was justifiable, after all, people have been having babies forever. But we decided to try it – and were we ever glad. Our doula helped us to know when was the right time to leave for the hospital, kept us both calm and cool during the registration and triage process, and always knew exactly what to say and do to keep me focused and manage my pain. Having someone there whose only job was to focus on my needs was priceless. We’ll never have a baby without a doula again!”

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