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Breastfeeding Sabotage in Immediate Postpartum Part4

As mentioned in my previous posts in this series, breastfeeding sabotage can happen at any time. It can begin in the womb, or during labor. Most often, it begins in immediate postpartum, right after the baby is born. No matter where you have your baby, whether you have a home birth or hospital birth, the immediate
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What Is a Doula?

This question instantly makes me think of the above quote I read about a year ago. Preparing for birth can be compared to planning to climb a 14er (a mountain over 14,000 ft). It’s hard work. It takes planning, determination, endurance, and stamina. You wouldn’t just take off on a climb without any preparation. A
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Born in the wild

Born in the Wild-Wildly Dramatic

Tomorrow, March 3, 2015 Lifetime will air a new reality show titled “Born in the Wild”. The very dramatic trailer has everything a good drama should have; dramatic music, yelling! Falling! Storms! It’s has everything! It has everything, including a lot of controversy surrounding it, which exactly what Lifetime is looking for. On the one hand, home birthers, natural birthers, Doulas,
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Ashton Tyler’s Birth

It was 4 years after my first child was born before I began to realized that there was another way; a better way, for me, to bring my babies into the world. Before I was even pregnant with my second child I was lucky enough to meet a girl at work named Nadine. She was
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