Routine Newborn Procedures in Colorado

If you’ve taken a childbirth class, read books, or watched videos about pregnancy and labor, you’re probably pretty familiar with most of the testing and procedures which you can expect when having a newborn. But what should you expect for your baby, once they arrive? Here is some information regarding routine newborn procedures in Colorado hospitals.

Infant Eye Ointment in Colorado Hospitals

When you give birth at a hospital in Colorado, you will be offered an antibiotic eye ointment for your baby shortly after delivery. This antibiotic is a preventive measure against complications from any infections which your baby could have picked up in the birth canal. This is why you see so many photos of newborn babies with a shiny or glossy appearance to their closed eyes! Learn more about the history of routine erythromycin for newborns.

Vitamin K Shot in Colorado Hospitals For Your Newborn

Another routine newborn procedure to expect in Colorado hospitals is the Vitamin K shot. This is not a vaccination, but rather a vitamin injection into the infant’s thigh. Newborns do not naturally have sufficient levels of Vitamin K in their blood at birth. Therefore are more susceptible to complications from insufficient blood clotting. This vitamin injection helps most babies avoid any bleeding problems due to injury or medical procedures. Learn more about Vitamin K injections for newborns.

Hepatitis B Vaccination in Colorado Hospitals For Your Newborn

The first vaccination on the current routine schedule is for Hepatitis B. It is administered before you leave the hospital with your new baby. However, some parents opt to have their pediatrician administer this vaccine later. Learn more about Hepatitis B vaccination in Colorado.

Your Newborn’s First Bath

A bath? Your baby’s first bath might not sound like a real procedure, but many parents feel that anything requiring a nurse to remove their baby from them to perform a task does count. Usually, several hours after delivery, your nurse will give the baby their first bath.  This is usually done in the sink, washing away any traces of blood and vernix and leaving them squeaky clean.

Tailoring Your Birth Plan to Your Colorado Hospital

When preparing to give birth at a hospital in Denver, Colorado Springs, or other surrounding areas, you will probably come equipped with a birth plan. If you want to stick with this routine procedure for your baby, you do not have to write them on your birth plan. They are already part of the usual workday for your care team! If you are interested in learning more or skipping any of these items, you can talk to your OB-GYN and your baby’s pediatrician for more information. Be sure to share your birth plan with your doctor or midwife. 

Sometimes these procedures can be a little nerve-racking. After all, your new baby is so tiny and it’s hard to let go! Don’t feel bad about asking lots of questions. Have the care team involve you closely in all aspects of your baby’s care. These are some of the things you can expect to come up during your baby’s first 24 hours of life in a Colorado hospital.


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