How to Enjoy Your Trip to Colorado With Baby

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High Altitude Babies: How to Enjoy Your Trip to Colorado

Are you thinking about taking a vacation to Colorado, baby in tow? You’re making a great choice: we have tons of family-friendly things to do amid the stunning scenery. Here’s everything you need to know to enjoy bringing your baby on vacation in Colorado.

The Climate

One thing you may not know about Colorado? It’s dry. We literally live in the desert. When I say dry, think of desert scenes from movies. You’re almost there…now double that. (Would you believe we’re even drier than Phoenix or Albuquerque?) Chug water constantly, and offer your baby the breast or bottle frequently. You may also want to be sure your chosen location comes with a humidifier for baby’s comfort.

Although we’re kind of known for our blizzards around here, the sun is still intense and can get very hot. Slather your baby up in a gentle baby sunscreen before going out, even if the air feels cold, to avoid burning their delicate skin. Baby lotion and lip balm are your friends, as well.

The Altitude

The struggle is real: it can take you a little time to get used to breathing in our thin air. Speaking of which, every container of yogurt you open is definitely going to explode in your face – the atmosphere is that thin. Not to mention formula, biscuit cans (the husband was born and raised here and he’s still terrified of biscuit cans), diaper rash cream, and anything else under pressure. Just go with it. Lifehack: poke a small hole in the opposite side from where you will peel back the opening.

How to Dress Your Baby for Colorado Weather

Layers aren’t just a rad style in Colorado, they are basically life. You may think the weather changes fast where you’re from, but just wait until you get here! (Always keep a jacket and emergency kit in your vehicle) Since we don’t have any humidity, a cool day can feel like t-shirt weather. Light layers will keep your baby warm in the evening, cool during the day, and protect their skin from the sun and wind. A hat is also a good idea when the wind is whistling.

Flying with a Baby

Before going on a plane trip with your baby, it’s always a good idea to talk to their pediatrician about it. Altitude sickness is a real thing and your baby could develop symptoms such as irritability, vomiting, and lack of appetite. Your baby’s ears may be uncomfortable and need to pop, so offer them the breast or bottle during takeoff and landing for a more pleasant flight experience. It’s highly recommended to adjust to the higher altitude for 48 hours before doing anything strenuous, and this goes for baby too! See 5 Tips For Flying With A Baby

Enjoy your stay here in colorful Colorado. We’re happy to have you. Just don’t leave any trash in our parks, or we’ll find you and make ya pay.


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