I’m Pregnant. What Do I Do Now?

couple-looking-at-negative-home-pregnancy-test_BKSoH2ABo (1).jpgIt’s so easy to become overwhelmed with all the things people say you need to do once you’re carrying another human inside of you. I assure you, everyone from your relatives to someone you bump into from high school to the guy behind you in the checkout line has an opinion about your pregnancy that they’re all-too-happy to share.

I considered putting a free printable in here so you’d have a nice little checklist of all the things. But I decided not to because then I’d just be another person telling you what to do. That’s not my job.

Instead, I’m here to talk about you. I’m here to encourage you to develop as a wonderfully unique and individual parent with desires, hopes, and dreams for your birth and baby.

I’m giving you permission to go with your gut, listen to your instincts, and prepare for your baby in the way that feels authentic and right to you. Let’s get started.

Who Will Be There?

Maybe all the women in your family have always gone to a certain OB-GYN. Maybe you have a really sweet gynecologist and you figure she can just deliver your baby too – after all, you wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings by going somewhere else for prenatal care.

It’s okay to go your own way and interview some different people before making the final choice of who is going to help catch this baby. Doctors and midwives are busy and have lots of patients to attend to – they aren’t even going to miss you if you go somewhere else.

How do you choose the right doctor, midwife, doula, et cetera? Simple: you should feel safe in their presence. You should feel like it’s okay to ask questions and be yourself. And you should be okay with the fact that they’re going to see you in your all together.

Learn at Your Own Pace

You will soon find yourself bombarded with information from every direction. Pamphlets, articles, books, mom groups, videos, and classes are all geared toward confused and overwhelmed new parents…and often serve to only make you more confused and overwhelmed. Is there a certain type of birthing or parenting philosophy that you feel more drawn toward? Then seek out those resources when you’re ready to view them. Some parents feel empowered by reading birth stories and watching birth videos; others feel tense and anxious when exposed to them. Choose what you want to take in while preparing for birth, and don’t worry about saying yes to something that doesn’t feel right, just to please someone else.

Don’t Let Them Wipe Warmer-Shame You

Scoffing at first-time parents is something society really gets a kick out of. Tell you what, once the baby’s born, take a shot every time someone tells you to “just wait”. So what if it’s your first rodeo? It’s your baby, your rules. You’re a capable grown up with instincts and knowledge. Buy the cool baby gear if you want your little darling to have it or if you think it’s cute. Put up the sign admonishing visitors to wash their hands before touching your baby. You’ll be learning a lot about what works for you and your baby, so don’t let jaded people dampen your enthusiasm.

So take a deep breath: you’ve got this. You have the power to choose when and how you prepare for the birth of your baby. You’re going to have an awesome baby and be an awesome parent, and you’re not going to care too much what random people have to say about it.

And if you crave a little more specific guidance as you move through these choices and decisions leading up to your new life as a parent, well, that’s what we’re here for! Colorado Mountain Doulas is here for you every step of the way toward meeting your Colorado baby.

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