Where do the Doulas Sleep Overnight?

Where do the doulas sleep overnight?


Where does the doula sleep? What kind of accommodations do I need for a postpartum doula overnight?


Doulas rest when babies are resting overnight, just as parents and other caregivers would. To correctly follow the AAP guidelines for safe sleep, and to ensure that we can respond to your baby as quickly as possible at night, we do prefer to be in the same room with the baby.

Setting up a twin bed or futon in the nursery along with a comfortable chair for feeding, burping, and rocking is a great setup for your overnight postpartum doula.

We know that this may not always be an option depending on the size and arrangement of your home. I have listed other appropriate accommodations below.

  • A mattress on the floor without a frame.
  • A guest bedroom with your baby in a bassinet near the bed.
  • A living room with a comfy couch and bassinet alongside.

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