Loved Ones and a New Baby

Everyone loves having family and friends to help after bringing a new baby home.  It’s such a special time, of course all your loved ones want to meet and hold that new baby.  But what about the groceries, laundry, dishes, and older siblings?  Life still needs to be managed, schedules still need to be maintained.  It can be overwhelming to say the least.  The last thing that needs to be added to the plate is entertaining and hosting guests.   A little postpartum planning can ensure that your after baby help doesn’t turn into house guests who need to be entertained.

Making a short list of things that need to be done around the house for family members to help out with is easier than making requests in the moment.  For older siblings you can make a short list of some local activities.  This will allow family members some guidance with getting everyone out of the house while you get some extra alone time with the baby. Better yet, hiring a postpartum doula in Colorado can alleviate the need to ask loved ones to take care of the household at all. If there are no older siblings to care for, giving guests a list of sites around town is a great way to keep guests entertained, without you being the one to do it.  I have included an example of a few activities for the Colorado Springs area.  What can you come up with for your area?

Postpartum Activities for Grandparents and Family Members:

Santa's House is the best place to visit Santa himself.

The North Pole is a great place for grandparents to take other siblings to for the day.  They have all kinds of rides, gift shops, and snack shops to enjoy.  Visit the website for more information

Garden of the Gods is a wonderful place to encourage your guests to check out.  Its a great place to drive through or stop and walk the trails. The grandparents can enjoy this with or without other siblings.  For more information check out the website

Image result for manitou springs

Manitou Springs is a cute little mountain town that is fun to visit for the day.  There are tons of little shops Grandma and Grandpa would find interesting as well as restaurants and an arcade for sibling fun. You can find more information on the website.

Planning for your postpartum is just as important as planning for your birth.  A few simple lists can make all the difference with maintaining your household.  Which will ensure that you and your partner enjoy all the bonding time possible with your new bundle of joy. Looking for a postpartum doula in Denver, Colorado Springs, or Castle Rock to enhance your new parenting experience? Contact us today!

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