The Colorado Mountain Doula Standard

Here in the Pikes Peak Region you have a lot of choices when it comes to doulas. At any given time there are 20-40 birth doulas in Colorado Springs/Denver to choose from and 5-10 Colorado postpartum doulas.

That seems like quite the range, doesn’t it? There are several reasons the numbers vary so much. The biggest and most obvious is pretty common in our area.

Military. Military spouses who are also doulas come to town and offer services for a few years, and then they move on to the next location.

Hobby Doulas. Being around birth, babies and endorphins sounds like the BEST JOB EVER and there are a lot of people who are passionate about babies and how they come into the world. The reality is, this is a very demanding job that requires long hours at a moment’s notice and those who aren’t up to the task take long breaks for various reasons, or move on to other things, doing only a handful of births per year.

Burn Out. This is a big one.  As mentioned above, the IDEA of being a doula sounds like rainbows and kittens. “I get to see babies born!” “I get to help families!” “I LOVE holding babies!” The reality of being on call 24/7 for an entire month hits like a ton of bricks and too many people realize the toll this occupation can take on a family. Without a proper business structure in place, or even just realizing this IS a business that requires running, many aspiring doulas quit after just a couple of years.

Stepping Stone. Sometimes people look at the doula career as a stepping stone into something else. Many times, that something else is nursing, or midwifery, or sometimes even obstetrics, meaning that doulaing is what they do while they go to school for something else.

So how are we different? 

First and foremost, Colorado Mountain Doulas is a fully legal and legitimate business, owned and operated by a long-time career doula in Colorado. This means that Jenn & her team are committed to being agency owners and doulas. We have no plans to move on to midwifery or nursing or obstetrics. Our  passion is in providing highly trained, professional doulas to the Colorado community and working in the community ourselves as birth and postpartum doulas. The agency is set up to provide consistent, customized service to clients throughout the birthing year. We aren’t going anywhere and our attention is not divided by any other related, or unrelated business venture. We’re all doula all the time.

So let’s address some of the common issues I mentioned before.

Military. The way that our agency provides consistency for clients who choose our military doulas is by ensuring continuity. All of our doulas, whether natives to Colorado, or military spouses moving through, are thoroughly trained with ProDoula and certified, or working towards certification. We proudly support Colorado military families by providing support during the birthing year, and ALSO by hiring independently contracted doulas who are military spouses. In fact, it’s one of the reasons the agency was created. By getting your doula through Colorado Mountain Doulas you can rest assured that even if your beloved doula is called away during your pregnancy, or before your next one, you can return to our agency and expect the same high level of professionalism and care you received the first time. No more searching for a new doula for every pregnancy.

Hobby Doulas. All of our agency doulas are hand picked by the owners to provide services through the agency. They are required to send in a professional letter of intent, resume’ and references. They go through an interview process, set up their own business structures and adhere to our Philosophy of Inclusion and Nonjudgmental Support. All of our doulas have completed training before working. We give them on going tools, guidance and support they need to create sustainable businesses, and we only choose doulas who are serious about doulaing. You can be sure that your doula is a professional who can be relied on.

Burn Out. The agency model is perfectly set up not only to prevent burn out in our doulas, but also to provide the absolute BEST, most reliable support to our clients. All of our doulas work in teams of two with a rotating on call schedule. Our doulas are independent contractors who work together to take the time off they need for their families, leaving them refreshed and ready during their on call hours to come to you at any time of day or night. Our doulas are always paid for their time so that they can create a sustainable business model that helps them provide for their families and keep up on their continuing education. When you hire a Colorado Mountain Doulas doula, you are hiring a team of professionals who get to know you and your family intimately so that you never have to worry about a stranger showing up in your birth space or at your home in during your delicate 4th trimester. If at any time both of your doulas are unable to come to you, either Jenn or Jess will personally come to you to take care of you.

Stepping stone. Sure, sometimes our agency doulas will be looking into other career paths and doulaing for you and your family will provide them with much needed insight and experience they will need in future endeavors. The Colorado Mountain Doulas Difference ensures that even if your doula does have plans to move on to other careers, they have performed their services to you in a truly professional, caring and nonjudgmental way and your family will feel loved and cared for.

We believe that ALL families deserve to be treated with respect and everything we do, from our choice of certifying agency to the way we interact with every member of your family is meant to proved you with the very best, compassionate care in Colorado.

Be well.

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