Why Would You Eat Your Placenta?

Seriously. Why would you? Maybe you Googled placenta encapsulation in Colorado because you heard about it somewhere and you need to know more. Maybe you or your partner aren’t completely sold yet. Maybe you’ve made your decision and you’re curious if there are other things you haven’t thought about. Whatever brought you here, welcome! I hope that you are ready to jump in with both feet and do something wonderful for yourself! You deserve it. Take a look at the following scenarios and see if one of these speaks to you. I’d love to read your comments about why you chose to eat your placenta.

~You’re smart and capable. You know what’s best for yourself and your family. You have chosen a reputable company for placenta encapsulation in Colorado Springs or Denver area to process your placenta in your own home, where it will never be exposed to anyone else’s microbiome and your gut tells you this will be the safest option for you.

~You’ve heard about eating your placenta from your friends and even seen that celebrities are doing it. You are excited about your pregnancy and new baby and want to make sure you are up to date on anything that will make your experience the best it can be! There are so many Options for Preserving the Placenta these days, and you want to try them all!¬†

~Taking care of your family is your number one priority and you know that taking care of yourself is the best way to do that. You feel that in home encapsulation is the best option for your family so that you can be assured there have been no mix ups. Because you have transported your placenta to your home, you feel secure knowing that there has been no outside contamination. The reports of increased energy, milk supply and iron levels from placenta consumption give you piece of mind that you will be doing everything you can to recover from birth safely and efficiently, allowing you to care for and bond with your new family peacefully.

~You’ve done your research. You know that placenta consumption is a centuries old custom practiced in Chinese Medicine and you know that there is significant anecdotal evidence of the benefits.¬†You have chosen the best Placenta Preparation Methods for your body based on your phone consult with your Postpartum Placenta Specialist (PPS) and are confident in the information you’ve received. Your PPS has explained¬†Placenta Processing to you and you feel confident that the most recent and up to date safety precautions are being taken.

If you weren’t planning to eat your placenta before, are you thinking about it now? For the safest professional placenta encapsulation in Denver, Colorado Springs, or other surrounding Colorado area, contact Colorado Mountain Doulas today.

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