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Colorado Mountain Doulas Doulas are Not Birth Advocates

You heard me. This agency does not hire birth advocates and we do not advocate for our clients. Instead, we support our clients and give them the tools to ADVOCATE FOR THEMSELVES. Advocating FOR someone implies that they are unable to do it for themselves. Advocates are for animals and children and those who otherwise[…]

become a doula

How To Become a Doula in Colorado………or anywhere else for that matter.

First things first. Becoming a Doula requires doula training, and, if you want to be taken seriously as a professional, you should get certified.  To be taken seriously in the industry, and to be ready to get to work as soon as your training is over, take an in person training. Anyone can read about childbirth[…]

low cost doula

Free and Low Cost Doulas in Colorado Springs. Things to Consider

Here in Colorado Springs we have a very high concentration of doulas. To my knowledge there are somewhere in the range of 25-40 labor doulas and a handful of postpartum doulas. Regularly, these doulas quit or go into other professions within 2 to 3 years. It’s a demanding job, one that many are not prepared[…]

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