Growing Your Family is Worth the Climb

Today was a day that will forever go down in history as a step forward for human rights.

Today is a day that our friends, family and clients will look back on and remember where they were and when they saw the news. (Most will probably say Facebook)

Today our news feeds were FILLED with rainbows and celebration for Marriage Equality.

Today we smiled and shed tears for those that we care about in our personal and business lives who are greatly affected by what today means for them.

Today the team at Colorado Mountain Doulas celebrates with the world. We celebrate the love, the marriage, and the babies to come!

Tomorrow we will be there when our clients call and tell us they are pregnant.

Tomorrow we will be the shoulder to cry on when the IVF or In Vitro doesn’t work for our friends and family.

Tomorrow we will be photographing pregnant bodies and births of babies.

Tomorrow we will be teaching labor techniques and coping skills to birthing people, partners, surrogates and intended parents.

Tomorrow we will be physically, mentally and emotionally supporting families of all shapes and sizes through the most important day of their lives. The day they add a new little being to their family.

Tomorrow we will lift up our clients and help them to find their own power and their own voice no matter how they are growing their families.

Tomorrow we will NOT judge. We will not shame. We will not disapprove. We will be nothing but loving and compassionate and professional.

Tomorrow, from our Christian, Humanist, Wiccan, Mormon, Catholic and Agnostic backgrounds, we will be here, supporting YOU and your growing family no matter how you decide to do it. We know that it is all done in love.

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