3 Unexpected Benefits of Having a Doula By Your Side

When you envision a doula at your side, what do you think of it? Perhaps you think of a friendly person tenderly massaging your feet during your labor. Or, you may picture your doula giving you advice while you are laboring in a hospital bed. As labor doulas, we certainly do some of these things (and much more!), but there are many unexpected benefits of hiring us as your doulas!

The Top 3 Unexpected Benefits of Doula Support

  1. Because you might not remember everything (and you might not want to). A doula will supply you with evidence-based information whenever you ask for it throughout pregnancy and your birth. If you find that you need to make an informed decision during labor, we can give you unbiased information and remind you to use BRAIN (a handy acronym that we teach all of our clients). You deserve to have all the information at your fingertips, without resorting to Google or a hazy recollection of the birth class you took 3 months ago. Our doulas pride themselves on their troubleshooting skills, their knowledge of birth, and their understanding of the wide variety of circumstances that can happen during labor. Let us handle the remembering so that you and your partner can stay focused on your growing family.

2. Because you might change your mind. We get it, things can change quickly, and we want you to know that you are safe with us- safe to change your mind, safe to be upset with the intensity of birth, and safe to rely on us. We can help clients and their partners achieve their birth goals, but we are also prepared to throw the plan out the window if you change your mind or circumstances change unexpectedly. No one should have to feel guilty about their choices, and we believe that you, the birthing client, will make the best decisions for you and your baby. We even suggest a code word for our clients to use when they are serious about making changes to their birth plans. With a code word, a client is free to say or do anything during their labor- vent, move, get frustrated- and we are free to continue supporting them in the ways that we have planned. But the minute our client uses the code word, we switch gears with them and start down the path that they would like. You, your partner, and your family are 100% supported

partner reading a book

While we always recommend taking a childbirth education class, remembering every detail of your class and how to implement the suggestions during birth is difficult for anyone focusing on bringing their baby into the world. No need to remember every detail when there’s a doula by your side.

3. Because you might want a dance party during your labor, and you shouldn’t have to do that alone. No, we’re serious. If you want your birth experience to look like a party, we will help you achieve that. If your heart’s desire is to watch Star Wars during your labor, we will watch excitedly with you as Luke blows up the Death Star. If you want us to help keep you upbeat and happy during your birth, we can do that too, since we already know your style and have built a friendship with you. We enjoy being with our clients, and we aim to make your birth as fun and enjoyable as you want it. Let’s face it, birth can be downright hilarious, and we find that the more we follow your lead and laugh at the humorous parts of birth, the more easily you can let go, which helps the process of laboring and moving your baby down and out. We want you to have a positive birth experience, and we want to enjoy it with you!

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Hiring a Colorado Mountain Doulas has never been a better idea for you and your entire family. Contact us today to find out more about doula services in Denver, Colorado Springs, and other surrounding areas, and how we can help you create the birth that you dream of!

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