Interview with Dr. Kurt Perkins DC CCWP FMT

The first time I ever heard Dr. Kurt speak, it was at a Birth Network meeting at the local library. The topic was on vaccines, a highly controversial topic to begin with, and one that Dr. Kurt is not only well versed in but well known FOR as well.

The thing that stood out to me immediately was the logic of his talk. He didn’t speak specifically FOR or AGAINST, but rather to the numbers of the studies and to the way vaccines work and the ways that they don’t work. It’s something that is hard to come by when researching vaccinations, and it hit home with me.

As a doula, we respect ALL the choices our clients make for their families and I felt like, from Dr. Kurt I was getting a great view of the whole picture, rather than one side or the other.

The first time I actually met Dr. Kurt was when he came to talk to the local doula professional development group, here in the Springs. His focus was primarily on nutrition and fertility and the many ways in which families (both parents) can vastly improve their health and their outcomes for their pregnancies well before they are even pregnant.

Because Pre & Early Pregnancy Preparation is an important part of the education I provide as part of our agency, I knew Dr. Kurt is someone our agency would work closely with in the future.

You can find Dr. Kurt at his new location on N. Nevada at Dr. Kurt’s Place: Functional Chiropractic and Lifestyle Medicine.

Dr. Kurt’s Place gives off a modern yet welcoming vibe when you walk in the door. Cool wall graphics catch your attention and make you want to read about functional medicine and chiropractic care. It’s fun and informative.

How long have you been in this business?

I have been in a professional setting for 10 years.  I graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 2004 and did a short term associate position in California before locating to Colorado. I’ve been in Colorado since November 2005.

You have two children, with one on the way. How do you feel you best help families in their birthing year?

How I help families during the birthing year is being an Energy Broker.  With functional chiropractic, the main objective is to make sure the nervous system is efficient, not just for mom’s needs, but also the baby.  The baby’s nervous system will mirror what mom’s is doing.  If mom is always on the gas pedal side of life, this uses up unnecessary energy stores that could be going towards fetal development.  Strategies can include regular chiropractic care, custom supplementation, and lifestyle medicine.  Some use one service, some use multiple.  It’s not an all or nothing approach.

So do you have a specific area you focus on?

In this world of specializing, I look at myself as more of a super generalist.  30-35% of my clinic is kids.  The rest are adults looking for solutions to problems that they have been told, ‘there’s nothing more we can do for you,’ but the majority are families that I have been taking care of on a regular basis for years.  Though I recommend they maintain a relationship with a traditional MD, many use me as their primary doc.  I do quite a bit of functional lab analysis on top of the chiropractic.  What usually enters my door for the first time are women, ages 28-45, with a chronic issue like hypothyroidism that are looking for a non-drug approach to health expression.

What do you like best about living in Colorado?

Being from NY State, what I love about Colorado is the low to no humidity, the rare occurrences of mosquitoes, and knowing that the sun will come out tomorrow.  Annie must have been singing about Colorado.  I think another cool thing about Colorado is that it seems most people are transplants.  This is great in my line of work because I get to interact with people that oftentimes have a cool story.  People are so interesting, you just have to shut up and listen sometimes.

Dr. Kurt is currently working on a book, to be self-published this Fall about leadership in health. He has been blogging for 5 years at but recently switched over to his new site

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