Why I Love My State- Words From a Colorado Native

When I was a teenager, I thought living in Colorado was a curse. My weekends were spent away from friends, far from telephones and social events in favor of hiking the nearby mountains with my family. “When do we get to turn around? I need to stop and take a break!” were the words I uttered quite often. My mother must have gotten sick of it because she implemented a reward for anyone who didn’t complain while hiking (an ice-cold Coca Cola waiting back at the car, genius!). I didn’t understand the gift I was being given as I trudged up the trails all of those weekend hours, but I realize now that it wasn’t the Coke. After living here for most of my life, I can say that I adore this state.

Here are my top reasons I still call Colorado home:

The weather

My favorite thing about Colorado is the sunshine. When I was at college in the midwest, there were weeks where I didn’t see the sun, which was very hard for me. Our winters here are manageable, thanks to the sunshine that melts snow and ice rather quickly. A bad day for me or my children is cured by a walk outside in the bright sunlight. Even when our winter stretches to April or May, we can always count on a gorgeous, blazing sun to warm us within a day or two. When the summers are unbearably hot in the 90’s, there’s always a place to retreat if you drive an hour or two into the mountains.

1935518_138293612316_4021838_nThe altitude

When you live over 5,000 feet above sea level as a Coloradoan, you begin to take on a belief that anything is possible. Traveling to the high points in our state and looking down is an absolutely breathtaking experience, one that can inspire the most uncertain individual to great aspirations. Any time I have left for a hike or walk here, I’ve always returned with a renewed sense of clarity and belief in myself. The altitude here makes us feel as if we are literally on top of the world!

The rugged individuality

Anyone who has lived in Colorado will notice the unique attitude shared by its residents. Some would call it individuality, some would say it is a positivity. I always think of it as a “pioneer spirit”, a determinedness that persists even when things are hard. Growing up, my family would vacation in tiny cabins without heat during the summer. I would relish the thought that I was like all those mountain women who came before me. That attitude is everywhere I look in Colorado, in the determination that our bodies are not lemons- that we can give birth capably and beautifully.1936791_138297862316_7005001_n

As a birth doula, I support women during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.   Colorado women, all women, truly are strong, unique, and determined. I believe in supporting their individual goals as they bring their children into the world confidently, beautifully, and in their own way. ~Sarah

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