What Is a Doula?

This question instantly makes me think of the above quote I read about a year ago.

Preparing for birth can be compared to planning to climb a 14er (a mountain over 14,000 ft). It’s hard work. It takes planning, determination, endurance, and stamina. You wouldn’t just take off on a climb without any preparation.

A Doula can help you with that plan; being your trail guide through every step in the process.  According to WikiHow, there are 11 steps to planning to hike a 14er. For this purpose, we’re going to go with 10 steps and compare it to the role of Doula as trail guide for your birth.

  1. (Prepare your route)-Preparation is key in pregnancy and birth.  Prior to, or in very early pregnancy, our PEPP Talk Workshop can help you navigate all your options and help you research how to choose your care provider, your place of birth and, just as in labor, decide which medical options are right or wrong for you.
  2. (Notify someone of your trip and estimated date of return)- As part of the PEPP Talk, we go into depth about how to research your care providers, how to choose your place of birth and who else you want on your team. We can guide you to know what to ask of a provider to determine if you will be getting the care you deserve.
  3. (Gather all your supplies) – A Birth Blueprint is an essential tool to have as you prepare for the journey of birth. During your first prenatal with Colorado Mountain Doulas we will help you navigate all of your options and will provide you with any information you request to plan your beautiful birth.
  4. (Give yourself enough time to complete the trip and avoid hazardous weather) – Prenatal visits also include answers to questions about your specific needs and wants during labor.
  5. (Try to keep a steady pace) – Prenatal visits review comfort techniques, labor positions, and movement to keep you and your partner working together throughout the process.
  6. (Stop and rest if needed) – The last trimester of pregnancy comes with its own set of questions. Your Doula can help navigate late pregnancy options and remind you to rest and conserve energy for the next phase.
  7. (Enjoy the view at the top)- As your pregnancy reaches its peak, your Doula will be there with reminders to listen to your body, be a sounding board for you and your partner about what is normal, and to ease your mind as you enjoy this final stage of bonding before your family grows.
  8. (Observe and return before hazardous weather) – The day has arrived! Your Doula will be there every step of the way to help navigate early labor, and put all your preparation to work. We will come to you whenever you ask and help your partner support you at home, hospital, or birth center.
  9. (Keep a steady pace on the decent)- After your baby has arrived your Doula will stay with you to help with immediate postpartum. We help make sure you are comfortable, and that infant feeding has been established.
  10. (Brag to your friends about your success)- Our Doulas come to your home to check on you and answer any questions you have about your birth experience, your newborn, feeding, and managing your growing family. Our Postpartum Doulas can continue to help as needed to ensure your postpartum transition is the best that it can be, with hands on, experienced, support in your home.

You’ve done it! You’ve climbed the mountain and made your way back down! Spread the word far and wide that birth can be an amazing experience and that your Colorado Mountain Doulas was your trail guide along the way.

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