10 Reasons to Have a Postpartum Doula on Your Side

Sometimes, people ask us, “What exactly does a postpartum doula do?” Here are 10 reasons to have a postpartum doula on your side.

1. Asking a postpartum doula is easier than asking family. When you’re paying someone, it’s not hard to ask for your eggs to be cooked just the way you like them. Plus, it’s much easier to ask for what you need from someone you’ve hired instead of family.

2. It’s easier to get some rest with an extra set of hands around. A postpartum doula can take care of baby while you get some much needed rest instead of feeling like you need to entertain or host.

3. Because sometimes it’s nice to hear, “It’s going to be ok.” Having a shoulder to cry on and someone to open up to who has been along this journey with many other parents can make all the difference in the world.

4. Learn hands on how to perfectly swaddle and wear that intimidating carrier. You can safely learn how to wear baby and do other essential newborn things with the comfort of having an expert there while you try it out.

5. You have access to someone who knows when to refer you to a professional provider and can offer you the most up-to-date evidenced based information. Any questions you have that a postpartum doula can’t answer, they will find you an answer or refer you to a professional. That can be a relief in itself.

6. Having a postpartum doula is like having a best friend at your side who knows exactly how to take care of you and your family during those first few weeks at home. Postpartum doulas know just the things you need those first few weeks or even months. They are there for YOU and care about your smooth transition into a family.

7. A postpartum doula can help you transition with a new baby at home, especially when there are siblings around. Sometimes bringing a new baby into the home can be tough on siblings and parents so a postpartum doula can help you navigate the transition with ideas on how you can spend bonding time with all children.

8. A postpartum doula can help you form a postpartum plan. This plan can include such things as coming up with a schedule for visitors that works for you and planning for meals.

9. It’s comforting to have someone there to help with feeding assistance, whether that is breastfeeding or bottle feeding, who knows what they are talking about. A postpartum doula can also refer you to a lactation professional when needed.

10. Because you deserve to get the best start possible.
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