10 Reasons a Sibling Doula is Worth the Moola

Trying to figure out what to do with older children while we’re giving birth to their little brother or sister can be difficult. There are many ways we can help, as experienced doulas in Colorado.

1. Your family members want to see the baby born.

Grandparents can feel conflicted, wanting to help you out by watching the grandchildren, but also wanting to be with you during this momentous occasion. A Sibling Doula can make sure the children are taken care of while supportive family is with you during the birth.

2.  You want your children with you at your birth.

At home, at a birth center or in a hospital, your sibling doula will be there to help older children feel safe at your side, making sure they are not underfoot of your birth team and facilitating bonding with you and your partner throughout the process.

3. You do NOT want your older children with you at your birth.

Sibling Doulas are often also postpartum doulas and are experts in maintaining all aspects of the home; preparing it and your older children for your arrival. Feel confident knowing they are in loving hands with someone who fully understands the process.

4. You aren’t sure which you’ll want until the time comes.

A Sibling Doula is flexible. If labor begins and you realize your child’s energy is not right for the hospital, needs to take a walk to the park, or build a fort and watch a movie in another room while you labor, we are available to help you and your children navigate any change that becomes necessary.

5. You’re worried your older children may be scared.

Sibling Doulas are often birth doulas; highly experienced and trained in all aspects of labor, birth and family bonding. Having a sibling doula on the team ensures that your children will get the same physical, emotional and educational support you get from your birth doula during the entire process.

6. You’re worried your older children may be bored.

Sibling Doulas are fun! We often have children ourselves and/or backgrounds in nanny/childcare services. We have dozens of ways to keep your child happy while you labor.

7. Your older children have special needs.

Sibling Doulas are professionals. We approach all special circumstances the same way, with research, understanding and nonjudgmental support. Tell us what you need.

8. You have no support system nearby.

Here in Colorado Springs, there is a high likelihood that you are military or have moved recently. If you have not set up your support system yet, we are here to help with trained professionals who understand.

9. What if my family doesn’t make it from out of state?

Having your parents or other family members come in from out of state is a GREAT way to get support, but birth is unpredictable. Guess dates can vary by 5 weeks and most people need to navigate around jobs and other responsibilities. 

10. You deserve to have the least stressful birth experience possible.

By hiring a Sibling Doula in Denver, Colorado Springs, Castle Rock, or other surrounding areas, you have guaranteed support no matter when the big day happens. We go on call for you as soon as your contract is signed and stay on call until the birth of your baby. Your doulas are available to you 24/7. You never have to worry about waking us up at 2AM. That’s our job. It’s what we’re here for.

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