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Overload During Pregnancy

Some of us like to fly by the seat of our pants. Some of us like to research and plan out every detail of our lives. Whichever category you fall into, there’s one thing we can all agree on: the struggle is real when it comes to pregnancy information overload! You can’t eat this, you[…]

Flying with a baby - Colorado Mountain Doulas

5 Tips for Flying with a Baby in CO

  Whether your baby is a few weeks old or several months old, when you realize that you’re about to go on Baby’s First Plane Trip you might get a little nervous. What if the baby gets hungry? What if she cries and the other passengers are rude about it? Am I supposed to take[…]

Postpartum bonding with baby - Colorado Mountain Doulas
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10 Reasons to Have a Postpartum Doula on Your Side

Sometimes, people ask us, “What exactly does a postpartum doula do?” Here are 10 reasons to have a postpartum doula on your side. 1. Asking a postpartum doula is easier than asking family. When you’re paying someone, it’s not hard to ask for your eggs to be cooked just the way you like them. Plus,[…]

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Getting to Know The Colorado Mountain Doulas Agency

It’s Day two of #worldDoulaweek and today we’d like to take a little time to tell you more about our agency and how it works by answering some frequently asked questions: When you choose Colorado Mountain Doulas for your Doula services, you can rest assured that we will do our best to find the perfect Doula match[…]