5 Reasons to Hire Someone So You Can Sleep

You wake up and the day starts.

Feed the baby. Feed yourself, hopefully. Work. Clean. Feed the baby. Comfort. Clean. Feed family. Bathe family. Feed the baby. Shower, hopefully. Tuck in family. Comfort some more…


For parents in today’s world, a full night’s sleep is almost unheard of. We are busy, we are loving, we take care of our families — we make time for all of the important stuff. Rarely do we take the time to prioritize the most important thing to keep ourselves happy and healthy — SLEEP.

Most of the time, it’s hard to justify hiring someone just so you can get some sleep. Most new parents wait until they are at a breaking point and call us. AND THAT’S OK.

We are here to help.

When you hire a Colorado area overnight postpartum doula, whether it’s before baby arrives, on your first night home from the hospital or a few months in, we help you develop a plan and take action so the whole family can get some much needed rest. We care for your baby or babies just as you would so you feel comforted knowing they are in good hands so you can rest well.

Here are 5 reasons you might want to hire someone so you can sleep — which means hiring a postpartum doula!

  1. You recently had twins and can’t even remember what’s it like to get 4 hours of solid sleep, let alone 8.
  2. Maybe you just have one baby… but that baby makes you think you have two.
  3. You love routines and consistency but you just can’t wrap your head around how your old routine is going to work with this cute tiny (and quite demanding!) human.
  4. Your older child, who 1 week ago slept all night, decides that they want to wake up just as much as the newborn!
  5. Your out-of-town visitors don’t take you up on the offer to sleep on the couch for the first year of baby’s life so they can help with middle of the night feedings. You can’t imagine why not…

So, if you find yourself googling the phrase “How do I get sleep with a newborn?”  at 2am, you might want to consider googling “postpartum doulas near me” immediately after. It will be worth it, I promise! Our professional postpartum doulas in Denver, Colorado Springs, and other Colorado cities nearby are ready to help you catch up on sleep so you can be at your best.

Sweet Dreams.

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