The Perfect First Night Home With Your Newborn


Welcome home with your newborn.

Picture this:

You have finally arrived safely at home postpartum¬† with your new little wiggly bundle, thankful to be off the terrifyingly dangerous roads that just 48 hours ago seemed like a great way to get from point A to point B. Now that you’re home safe and sound, you’re pretty sure you won’t try that again until your baby is at least 12…

You are greeted by your first babies, your dogs or cats, who do not understand where you have been. They rush to meet you and are surprised and curious about the bundle you carry in. You make a mental note to spend extra time with them so they don’t feel abandoned for the new baby.

What Happens Next?

Your phone is ringing off the hook with friends and family members wanting to come by and see the baby. You look around and wonder what to do next.

Does the baby need fed? How do I take a shower? When is the last time I ate? I need to unpack all the baby things. The baby is asleep, should I be sleeping? We’re exhausted, but there are so many things to do…

Then you remember. Your postpartum doula comes tonight.

You send her a text, letting her know you are home, and she writes back.

“Congratulations! I can’t wait to see you tonight! Remember to take care of yourself. Have your partner get you some food and water, and take a nice long shower while the baby sleeps. I’ll be by tonight to help you get everything settled.


You get out your postpartum care plan and you glance over the decisions you’ve made. You remember that it’s all already taken care of. You have your partner make the calls that need made. They warm up the delicious dinner you’ve been looking forward to all day, and you feel the stress leaving your body, knowing that your postpartum doula will be there soon, to help tuck your family into bed for a nice long night of rest. All you have to do is relax.

You choose who, if anyone you want to come visit. You feed yourself, you snuggle in with your new family. You bond, and you talk about the incredible life altering event that just happened. You breathe in your baby.

Postpartum doula with twins

She comes in, quietly, peacefully. She asks you how you are. She listens to you while you tell her your birth story. It feels good to get it all out one more time and talk through all that happened. It’s time to feed the baby. She arranges your pillows in the perfect position and gives you tips to hold your baby more comfortably. She looks on, listens to your questions, and gives helpful advice when asked, never telling you how it should be done, but always ready with an idea when asked. She makes you a snack and checks your water while you feed your baby, gently caring for you while you care for your baby.

When the time comes, she uses expert hands to change diapers and clothes, shows you how to swaddle and models ways to soothe your baby, all while you look on and try yourself. She is not there to tell you what choices to make. Cloth or disposable, breast milk or formula, co-sleeping or nursery, all the choices are yours to make for your family. She is by your side, supporting your choices and guiding when asked.

It’s time for bed. She helps you get baby comfortable. She makes sure you are comfortable. She prepares herself to stay the night, and be available as you need her. She helps you with feeding in the middle of the night. She takes care of the baby’s needs and you go right back to sleep.

You wake the next morning, feeling rested. Even though you may not have slept the whole night through, you are relaxed and confident in your ability to care for your baby. You eat breakfast and get ready for your day. You look forward to the few visitors you’ve allowed to come by. You know that anything that comes up, you can count on your doula to guide you with the most recent information to keep your baby safe and make your life a little easier. You look forward to the coming weeks, knowing that your entire focus will be on getting to know your baby, adjusting to life as a family, and with her help, learning all the little tips and tricks to make the everything run smoother, with less stress, more love, and all the rest and recovery your body needs.

Colorado Mountain Doulas is here to make your life with a new baby everything you hoped for and more.

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