Colorado Mountain Guide to Date Night In!

On Friday we posted a little poll on our social media pages.

Friday Poll- Stay In or Go Out-

The overwhelming response to this age-old Valentine’s Day question was…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

Staying in!

We’ve discovered that this is a common theme among parents with young children.

While we fully believe that each and every one of you DESERVES a romantic night away from the kids, we understand that that’s not always an option for various reasons and so we give you, The Colorado Mountain Guide to Date Night IN.

Step One:

Get some time alone. For some, this means hiring a babysitter or Colorado Postpartum Doula to hang out at home while you excuse yourself to a different level of the house. For others, it means sending the kids to the grandparents’ house or simply waiting until they are all in bed.

Step Two:

Try not to fall asleep! Plan ahead for this either by getting a nap during the day with the kids or starting the night with some caffeine. Coffee would be my preference, but you can choose your poison.

Step Three:

Food and adult beverages (if you so choose). If you’re breastfeeding, don’t worry, here are the most recent guidelines for breastfeeding and alcohol. Plan ahead and get your favorite ingredients from your favorite store. If you love to cook, date night is a great time to spend time together doing one of your favorite activities. If only one of you cooks, the chef can show of their skills while their partner hangs out in the kitchen, sampling as you go along.

Step Four:

Turn off the electronics and have fun! Enjoy each other’s company without the distraction of social media.

Whether you’re planning a special night for Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, a birthday, or just because; date night in doesn’t need to cost a lot or even involve gifts. ┬áPick an item off of the following list and make it your best night ever.

Game night (naughty or nice)-Play your favorite board game, order a “naughty” game ahead of time or get physical with some old skool twister or charades.

Dinner and a Netflix movie- Simple and easy. Dinner can be homemade from scratch or a quick heat and eat a meal, you both love. What matters most is that you eat it together, without the distraction of little hands.

Order in (delivery places)- There are some great places in town that deliver. If your favorite place doesn’t hit up Colorado Springs City Spree or Grub Hub. For a small additional fee, your favorite restaurant items can be delivered straight to your door! Don’t forget dessert!

Bath for Two with champagne and chocolate- Get out the candles and the fancy bubble bath (or steal the kids’, they won’t mind). Play your favorite romantic music, add a glass of your favorite beverage and hang out in the bubbles talking to the love of your life and planning your future together. Stay in until the water is cold and then move on to other activities to warm you back up!

Chef Dinner and a Couples Massage- That’s right, for the ultimate indulgent night at home, bring a chef and two Colorado massage therapists into your home to give you the feel of a luxury spa in your own home. While you relax together, enjoying your relaxing massage, delicious smells waft in from the kitchen, arousing your appetite in more ways than one.

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