The Problem with Designer Nurseries

The problem with designer nurseries — those cute, uniquely curated, perfectly organized, dreamy works-of-art — is not that they are a waste of time. No, certainly not! We love all the cute! Yes, they are fabulous to look at and if that’s your thing, then I certainly would never tell you not to do it. I’d probably be the first one to volunteer to help you pick out all of the shiny things!

But the problem with a fabulously designed and organized nursery is that it can sometimes take your focus away from the real stuff that will be going down once baby is here.

Before baby gets here, you should first think of a plan for your postpartum period that doesn’t include matching crib sets and cute plush animals. Yes, do that fun stuff as well but make sure that the reaaaaalllly important stuff is done before baby arrives. Especially considering that for the first month or so of life, your baby will either be co-sleeping in your room or only sleeping in their crib at night time and won’t even notice all those shiny things we picked out!

Based on our experiences as postpartum doulas and parents, here are Colorado Mountain Doulas’ top three priorities when thinking about your upcoming 4th trimester.

  1. Feeding – This pertains to baby and you. If breastfeeding, have a general idea of how many feedings a typical newborn has in a day and make sure you have the contact information for a local IBCLC who can help you with any issues that may arise. If bottle feeding, do your research on feeding methods and bottle options. Make sure all caregivers know about safe feeding methods including bottle sterilization and mixing formula. Also, for bottle feeding or breastfeeding, make sure you have a systems in place to track feedings and diaper output for at least the first couple of weeks. As for yourself, realize that it’s going to be a lot harder to make sure you are fed when your main priority is making sure your baby is being fed. Have snacks and bottled water handy anywhere you sit to feed baby so you can munch during long nursing sessions. Make freezer meals before baby gets here or ask a close friend to sign you up for a meal train (or just do it yourself!). You definitely want to have plenty of easy slow cooker and throw-in-the-oven meals on hand. If you know this is something you loath doing, hire a postpartum doula to do all the meal planning and prep.
  2. Sleeping – Once again, pertains to you and baby. Decide ahead of time whether baby will be rooming in with you (in a co-sleeper, bassinet etc.) or if they will be sleeping in their crib. Then, think about you. When baby is sleeping, please sleep. Make a nighttime plan with your partner before baby arrives so you both have realistic expectations.
  3. RestingBut, didn’t you already say sleeping was important? Yes, and resting is just as important. Remember, you just became the parent to a little tiny human. Not only does the physical part become exhausting but also the emotional part. Your body and mind are trying to catch up to what miraculous thing just happened so it needs plenty of attention.  Don’t feel like you have to entertain guests – rest instead. Don’t feel like you have to clean the clutter – rest instead. Don’t feel like you have to prepare a meal every night – rest instead. Just remember, if you think you should be doing something else — rest instead.

At Colorado Mountain Doulas, our postpartum doulas’ main goal is to help you develop a Postpartum Plan and see it carried out so you can adjust to giving birth and baby can adjust to life outside of the womb.

And if an organized designer nursery  is on your priority list, we can help you get that accomplished along side making sure you and baby are adjusting to your new normal!

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