Getting to Know The Colorado Mountain Doulas Agency

It’s Day two of #worldDoulaweek and today we’d like to take a little time to tell you more about our agency and how it works by answering some frequently asked questions:

When you choose Colorado Mountain Doulas for your Doula services, you can rest assured that we will do our best to find the perfect Doula match for you.  A few other things you may like to know about how our agency model works:

  1. What kinds of backgrounds do the Doulas in your agency have?Our Doulas begin this work in a variety of ways.

-Self education
-Training through a certifying agency
-Certification through a certifying agency
-Mentorship under more experienced Doulas
-Any variety of the above

To become a Colorado Mountain Doulas doula, all of our Doulas agree to become professionally trained. We all take a doula training within the first year of working at the agency. If we stay with the agency for longer than 6 months, certification with ProDoula and adherence to the ProDoula philosophy and standards of professionalism is required. All Colorado Mountain Doulas specialists are trained with the same professional standards to ensure quality of care for you.

  1. I plan to have an epidural, have specific medical needs or special circumstances with my birth. Are your Doulas equipped to help me?

    Your specific scenario would need to be discussed individually with your Doula Team to ensure the proper care and support for your family. Colorado Mountain Doulas has a wide variety of experience and specialize in several areas including, and not limited to:

-Breastfeeding After Reduction
-Cesarean (planned and unplanned)
-Home, Hospital, and Birth Center Births
-Induction (planned and unplanned)
-LGBTQUAI* Friendly
-Medicated Birth
-Unmedicated Birth

  1. What happens if my Doula isn’t available when I go into labor?

    One of the many advantages to using Colorado Mountain Doulas for your birthing year is that all of our Doulas work in teams of two. Your back up Doula is part of your Doula team. Both Doulas attend your interview, prenatal appointments, and postpartum appointments. Each Doula team has a shared on call phone number which you have access to 24/7. The Doula team works on a rotating on-call shift, so whoever is on call when you go into labor, will be there for you quickly. You never get a stranger attending your birth. Postpartum Doulas also have a backup. You will know your back up ahead of time in case of injury or illness.
  2. Can you give me a list of hospitals and providers that I should stay away from?

Colorado Mountain Doulas doulas are professionals who strive to work with all providers in all birthing locations. We can offer you the resources and questions to ask providers to make informed decisions about the providers and locations you are choosing to make sure they align with your specific needs. One provider or location may be the perfect match for one family, while another chooses a different option.

  1. I’m choosing not to: (vaccinate, breastfeed, have a natural birth, delay cord clamping, etc.) will your agency still work with me?

With Colorado Mountain Doulas you will always get unbiased, nonjudgmental support. We do not have opinions on the decisions our clients make. We offer love and support for every situation and only give advice regarding potentially dangerous situations. All information is based on the most current evidence.

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