Live in Postpartum Care in Colorado

Just about any conversations you have with a new parent will, at some point, involve the words. “I haven’t had a shower in __ days!”

Before you have children, simple things like when to shower, seem trivial and automatic. Really, other than planning to take stuff with you for after a workout at the gym, taking a shower is just something that you do. It’s either part of your regular routine or it’s something you do randomly when you feel like it and you have time.

Once you have a tiny little human depending on your for survival, the shower game gets a lot more difficult. Does the impending arrival of your new little one have you googling things like “How do I get my baby to sleep?”

Ways to keep a baby from crying while I shower

What is the best formula?

Am I making enough milk?”

Baby Wise Nap Problems

These are just a few real life examples we’ve heard from our clients… choose your own adventure.

As an experienced Colorado postpartum doula, some of the biggest “Thank Yous” I’ve ever received have come after a parent is able to FINALLY get a nice long shower without interruption. Luckily, privacy and discretion are also part of our service, so we won’t tell you what the record was for not showering……

Postpartum Doulas help you get a Shower

What if you want a shower EVERY day, or, you know, things like eating regularly AND spending time with your partner are important to you? As much as we all adore our beautiful little love leeches, taking care of you is just as important. If you aren’t well taken care of and sleep deprived, you can’t be giving your best to the tiny human bent on domination of your world.

Live in support from a professional postpartum doula in Colorado could be exactly what you need. Live in support through Colorado Mountain Doulas truly is just as heavenly as it sounds. Live in support can begin as early as you’d like, even in the hospital, within hours of birth. It can be for as short as a few days, or as long as 3 months. Live in care can come with you on vacation or even a staycation.

What Does Live in Postpartum Doula Care Mean?

A professionally trained postpartum doula in your home/hospital or Colorado vacation rental 24 hours per day 7 days per week, for up to 3 months means:

  • Showers, baths, nap, whenever you want!
  • Individualized, compassionate care for the entire family
  • Private, one on one instruction for YOUR family with YOUR baby in YOUR environment
  • Nonjudgmental support for the way YOU want to parent
  • Professional guidance and help with infant care and feeding
  • Gentle care and support with your recovery from birth
  • Complete care of the family to help facilitate bonding
  • Personalized systems and day to day scheduling to best suite your family’s needs
  • Peace of mind

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