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Scheduled Parenting Tips

What is scheduled parenting and why is there such an uproar about it? Scheduled parenting is exactly what it sounds like, parenting your children, including infants, by the clock, rather than by instinct alone. It is structured, planned, and predictable………and also, it’s not. Let me explain. Scheduled parenting simply means working your baby into your
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To Swaddle or Not to Swaddle…….Why is it a Question?

Let’s talk about one of the many magical secrets of Colorado postpartum doulas, newborn care specialists and night nannies…………SWADDLING. The act of swaddling newborns has been going on for as long as babies have been being born. Wrapping a sweet little newborn up in snug, soft cloth has many benefits. Swaddling can calm a fussy baby faster
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Sleeping Safely with Your New Baby

As Professional doulas and overnight infant care providers in Colorado, we regularly get questions like: “How should I organize my nursery?” “What should I put on my baby registry?” “What do I REALLY need to buy for my newborn?” But the most asked question is “How do I put my baby to sleep?” Sometimes this
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Pregnancy & Parenting Resources in Colorado

This Resource Guide will be revised regularly to provide you with the most up to date information. If you notice any missing links or would like to add something to the list, please comment below. In-Person Support Groups for Families in Colorado New Mom Haven Postpartum Support Circle Wednesdays 10:45 to 12:00 New Mother’s Support
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Live in Postpartum Care in Colorado

Just about any conversations you have with a new parent will, at some point, involve the words. “I haven’t had a shower in __ days!” Before you have children, simple things like when to shower, seem trivial and automatic. Really, other than planning to take stuff with you for after a workout at the gym,
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What if I Don’t WANT to Breastfeed?

Then you don’t have to. It really is as simple as that. Over the last few years the push to get back to breastfeeding and increase the rates of long term breastfeeding has increased at a steady pace. We all know why it’s important, we all know the science, but there are many many reasons
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