What’s the BIG deal about Placenta Encapsulation Location ANYWAY?

There’s been quite an uproar in the birth world the last few months about the importance (or lack thereof?) of where your placenta encapsulation specialist (PE) encapsulates your placenta. Should your PE work in her own space, in your kitchen, or is it best to give you the choice?

There are SO many blog posts all over the internet arguing in every possible direction.

A few days ago, though, this topic was kicked into high gear by a photo posted online by a doula that was tasked with delivering a placenta to the PE after the birth. Unfortunately, this particular doula let her day job and her birth work collide when she took said placenta to work with her and kept it in the company refrigerator.

Never mind the client’s personal information was on a sticker on the top of the container for anyone to see. Never mind the possible blood-borne pathogens that could be introduced to people’s food if there was an accident and the container was spilled open. Never mind that if someone decided to open the container “just to take a peek” they could be introducing any number of germs and bacteria to the placenta and potentially endangering both the new mother and baby…….the doula and PE would never even know.


Now, you could say I am being inflammatory. You could say I am fear-mongering. Or you could say I am being a REALIST. All of the things I mentioned above are very REAL concerns that need to be taken into consideration.

I don’t want you to be afraid to get your placenta encapsulated and miss out on the AMAZING benefits of it. I don’t want you to think that anyone that encapsulates in their own space, rather than yours, is doing anything unsanitary or worrisome (there are MANY PE’s that encapsulate in their homes that uphold the highest standards of care and cleanliness.)

What I do want is for you to know, WITHOUT A DOUBT, that you have your very own placenta and not someone else’s. I want you to know, WITHOUT A DOUBT, that your placenta was handled and prepared with the utmost care. I want you to know, WITHOUT A DOUBT, that the only people going ANYWHERE NEAR your placenta are you, your birth team, and someone who has been trained to work with a human organ and to sanitize properly both before and after the preparation process.  I want you to know, WITHOUT A DOUBT, that Colorado Mountain Doulas is taking the BEST possible care of you, your placenta, and your family.

When you choose to have your placenta encapsulated with Colorado Mountain Doulas, YOU (or a designated family member) will be the one transporting it to your home. You will not ever have to wonder who has had access to the placenta or your information. I will come to YOUR home and the entire process will take place there so you can know for a surety that your precious organ was handled with the respect it deserves.

Interested in safe placenta encapsulation in Denver, Colorado Springs, or Castle Rock areas? Contact Colorado Mountain Doulas today.

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