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I Wish I Had Hired a Sibling Doula

I wish someone had told me about sibling doulas when I was pregnant with my third baby. My first baby had been born with just my father and step mother by my side. For many reasons, it was a very special time for all of us. My second baby was born in the wee hours[…]


The MicroBiome in Your Own Home

Microwhat? Have you heard this word before? A few years ago a short documentary came out called MicroBirth. The trailer describes it as: “Investigating the latest scientific research about the microscopic events happening during childbirth. These events could have life-long consequences for the health of our children and potentially could even impact mankind.” It’s a[…]

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Breastfeeding Sabotage in Immediate Postpartum Part4

As mentioned in my previous posts in this series, breastfeeding sabotage can happen at any time. It can begin in the womb, or during labor. Most often, it begins in immediate postpartum, right after the baby is born. No matter where you have your baby, whether you have a home birth or hospital birth, the immediate[…]