Babies Don’t Wait for Service Members to Come Home

While you are serving far away, be comforted; we are standing beside them at the end of this journey.

While you are missing your heart back home have faith; we are holding space for you in the labor room.

Holding Space in Birth

While you are watching via Skype or FaceTime; we are holding the iPad for you to see, hear and speak your presence into the room.

While you are waiting for the Red Cross call to come through; we are holding them through the hard work.

Labor Support

While you are on the plane, headed home to hold them; we are tucking them in together to await your arrival.

Meeting DaddyMilitary family reunion

Meet Your Son

While you fight for us, we serve you.

If those you hold closest are living in Colorado Springs, while you are deployed, we are here for you.

Whether you are stationed at Ft. Carson, Peterson AFB, Schriever AFB, the Air Force Academy, or Cheyenne Mountain AFB, our Colorado Mountain Doulas doulas stand beside your family. It is our honor to serve you, as you serve us. Thank you for your sacrifice. We do not take this care you have placed with us lightly and we promise to always be here for them.

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