2016 Parenting Goals with Colorado Mountain Doulas

The end of the year is full of symbolism for many reasons. For some it is a time to reflect and celebrate achievements,  for others, a look forward at creating something better, correcting past mistakes, a starting anew.

Many will focus their resolutions on personal or career gains as 2016 rolls around. Some will focus on fitness, and some will altogether refuse to make a resolution at all knowing either that they won’t keep it, or that they never really intended to in the first place.

2016 will be my very last year in my 30s.  As such, I should probably start preparing for adulthood yes? I’m told my 40s will be a thing of magic, but honestly, some days, I’m still just trying to make it through juggling work, and eye appointments, and get a full meal on the table more than three times a week.

So how about instead we make some reasonable, attainable, parenting goals for 2016? I asked our doulas to share their goals with you and I’d love to see your three in the comments. Don’t forget the ages of your children as well.

Our goals for 2016, for your inspiration and amusement:

Gabby Halula, #haluladoula
Children aged 2, 4

  • To master the art of the french braid.
  • To go on more hikes and out-door outings with the family.
  • To not forget the baby carrier on such hikes/ outings.

Jenn Leonard, #bohodoula
Children aged 19, 13, 10

  • Make it to the end of the school year without any damaged library books. (Pretty sure this one is already a fail based on the fact that my youngest is an avid reader and he has no less than 10 paperback books in his biohazard backpack at all times. Why do they keep letting him check them out if he hasn’t returned the others?)
  • Get my middle son to have one entire conversation per week with his headphones removed from BOTH ears!
  • See my oldest face to face at least once a month. He lives on his own. I know his weakness. I shall bribe him with coffee and food.

Tara Mitchek, #easternplainsdoula
Children aged 9, 7, 5, 1

  • Make a better effort to help kids stay in touch with family that lives far away
  • Focus on gifting experiences instead of things
  • Get my wild toddler to eat more vegetables!

Jessica Strickland, #flippindoula
Children aged 4

  • Drink less coffee.
  • Find alternatives for coffee.
  • In all seriousness……be present and enjoy the downtime instead of looking for things to do during it (like cleaning, organizing, etc.)

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