10 Things to Do When You’re 40 Weeks Pregnant in Colorado Springs

Are you nearing the end of your pregnancy in Colorado Springs? Starting to feel like you’re just done, like you can’t go another day? I’m here to help. The end of pregnancy can be the most difficult time to relax and have fun- but it’s also a great time to enjoy our beautiful city! You might need some ideas for distraction, so I have compiled:

The Top 10 Things To Do in Colorado Springs when you are 40 Weeks Pregnant

  1. Go see a movie at Kimball’s Peak Three Theater. This cozy, local movie theater is a wonderful place to hole up with your partner or a friend. Go catch a movie- it will likely be difficult to get out of the house once you are caring for a newborn!
  2. Get a pedicure at Daisy Nail Spa. Your feet have put in long hours these past few months, and pregnancy can be hard on your feet. Daisy Nail Spa has a great reputation among the locals in town, with a very clean salon and reputable technicians.
  3. Have a picnic lunch at Palmer Park. Bring a blanket and a delicious lunch, then set out to enjoy the gorgeous views in this amazing park. Be sure to take along an hot or cold pack in your picnic basket to keep your foods at an appropriate temperature (food poisoning is never a good idea, especially when pregnant!).
  4. Take a walk at Garden of the Gods. This park is a favorite with the tourists! There are dozens of beautiful rock formations to be enjoyed, and paved trails for an invigorating walk, all easily accessible from parking areas. Your walk will help relax your mind and body for labor!
Walking in Colorado

Taking a walk is always fun in Colorado!

    1. Go for Josh and John’s ice cream! Josh and John’s ice cream makes their ice cream from scratch right in front of their downtown store- perfect for cooling off on a warm day! Try the oatmeal cookie flavor- I can’t bring myself to order anything else.
    2. Be a tourist in Manitou Springs. Go browse the shops for gifts for your family, or try your hand at the historic penny arcade. Whatever you do- be sure to pay your parking meter (don’t ask me how I know)!
    3. Have breakfast out at R&R Coffee Cafe in Black Forest. The cozy, relaxed atmosphere is perfect for bringing a good book to read, filling out your baby book, or having a lively conversation with friends.
    4. Visit Ivywild School for music and food. There’s lots of music and live events at Ivywild, along with delicious, local food to enjoy! Babies can hear music while in the womb, so think of it as an outing for everyone in your growing family!
    5. Take your dog off-leash at the Bear Creek Dog Park. Treat your furry child to an afternoon out at a gorgeous park on the west side. After all, your dog still needs quality time with you!
    6. Enjoy a spicy Mexican food lunch at El Taco Rey. Have you heard that spicy food can help start labor? El Taco Rey’s authentic food might do the trick for you! Be aware that the seating fills up quickly during the lunch hour! You may need to take your food to go if they allow.

Try to balance rest and fun activities while you are waiting for your baby to arrive, and drink plenty of water while you are out exploring. Before you know it, you will be looking for things to do in Colorado Springs with a newborn! ~Sarah

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